Tirelton NS Camogie team!

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Tirelton NS first ever Camogie team who took part in Sciath na Scol competition in 2013.
Tirelton National School had a very significant first recently when the girls from 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes took part in the Sciath na Scol Indoor Camogie competitions for the first time. Initially it was envisioned that they would only participate in the 3rd Class tournament but such was the enjoyment and excitement derived from the games that all the girls requested entry to the 4th Class competition as well. Playing schools from Coachford, Newcestown, Berrings,MinaneBridge and Cloghduv was a great experience and some of the more established camogie schools were amazed at the girls’ skill, courage and determination. The girls trained every week after school under the expert eye of Ms. McCarthy, Ms. Davis and Nora Buckley and it certainly paid off. At the end of the competitions all the girls could talk about was ‘next year’ and ‘improving’ Maith sibh a chailíní!

Fourth class boys from Tirelton NS who competed in Sciath na Scol Indoor Hurling Competition in Cloughduv – 2013.
The 4th Class Boys Indoor Hurling competition took place recently in Cloghduv. Tirelton were paired with Donoghmore, Newcestown and Firmount. All the games were really close with Tirelton defeating Donoghmore and drawing with Newcestown to set up a semi-final with Firmount. In the semi-final Firmount proved a difficult opponent and after a titanic encounter Tirelton were defeated. In spite of this loss all the boys improved their skills so that when next year comes around they will be more than ready to take the field again.



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